appreciating the in-between time: what i’ve been doing

in the last month, i’ve kind of disappeared a little bit from everything because i needed time to withdraw and refocus. so if you know me and you’re curious about what i’ve been up to other than wallowing, here’s a list of the little things i’ve been doing in the last month:

  • learning new recipes
  • getting a new library card
  • going swimming because my apartment complex has a pool that probably only ten kids have peed in so far this summer. #blessed
  • creating a linkedin (which i’m not linking to because of privacy and future employers, i guess)
  • making myself find the beauty surrounding me and documenting it through instagram, even if it’s just the fresh strawberries i got on sale or the pretty trees and walkway next door to my apartment. i’ve been trying to post one picture on insta per day because it forces me to find the beauty in each day.
  • meditating while listening to this. actually listening to that while i do everything tbh
  • starting a blog that i don’t even have to link to cause you’re reading it right now!

i visited my old boss/mentor a few days ago and updated him about my life since graduation, and he encouraged me to enjoy this time for what it is. of course, i’m not going to look back on this time in ten years and say, “wow, spending a whole day sleeping and crying was so much fun!!” but i will look back and say, “wow, i only had to do laundry once every three weeks because i basically didn’t leave the house!” and “wow, that’s when i learned to make my signature recipe that my family loves so much now!” so i have to learn to enjoy these little things while i have them.

the last month has been about quick life changes that boiled down to waiting and patience, and june is going to be about goals and becoming. be on the lookout for “appreciating the in-between time: what i’m going to do.” bye, may. you were exhausting, but i learned a lot.


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