appreciating the in-between time: what i will do

basically everyone i’ve talked to about postgrad stress has told me to make goals, and i’ve avoided it for a month. i guess showing them to the public holds me more accountable. my summer job doesn’t start for two more weeks, and i want to be productive with my time. but here are the goals so far! i’ll edit them as they change.

short term:

  • create a morning routine that will make me want to get up earlier
  • try to post either something on instagram or on my blog per day


  • watch one documentary per week (does anyone have any suggestions?)
  • read at least two books per week
  • cook at least two recipes per week
  • prepare for job with upward bound


  • sit in a coffeeshop once a week. even if i’m not talking to someone, i’m around people.
  • talk to Pres on the phone at least twice a week
  • write at least three letters a week to anyone (would anyone wanna be my penpal…?)
  • participate in couch night with roommates


  • go to the chiropractor
  • yoga at the library on Thursday mornings
  • go swimming 2-3 times a week
  • meditate. start at 3 times a week until my patience gets better

long term:

  • keep applying for jobs/going to interviews
  • study for the GRE (check out materials from the library to get started)
  • schedule a time to take the GRE
  • start research on grad school possibilities

6 thoughts on “appreciating the in-between time: what i will do

  1. I’m curious. What masters program are you planning on applying for? I do yoga too! I’ve meditated more in the past. Need to get back into doing more of that. And congrats on pursuing your bachelors ! 👊


    1. i want to be a children’s librarian, so a library science degree is a possibility! but i’m also considering a master’s in english or in student affairs.


  2. I do yoga too! I need to get back into meditation. Congrats on pursuing your bachelors! just curious what masters program do you plan on applying to? I’m not sure if I want to pursue my masters or not. But either way it’s not stopping me from studying for this GRE even though I’m in the middle of pursuing my bachelors


    1. i kind of wish i would have gone ahead and taken the GRE when i was in undergrad, but i had a really hard fall semester with depression and anxiety. but it’s ok because now i’m taking a gap year, and i’m going to save money so i won’t have to take out as many loans for grad school. everything happens for a reason!


      1. Omg this is a weird thing to get excited about cause I can relate. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression during my first couple years of undergrad. Now I’m just lonely and am jaded when it comes to putting an effort in trying to make friends. People are shallow and users. I base this on my personal experience though.
        And that’s a great attitude that you’ve got. (: sorry for commenting multiple times. I didn’t think my comments went through the first few times cause it didn’t show up after I pressed reply.


      2. it’s fine! my comments are moderated right now.

        yeah, i’ve dealt with anxiety and depression ever since i was a little kid. confiding in other people about it makes it so much easier for me. i try to be super open about it with my friends and my boyfriend and they help a lot because they know what helps me cope when i’m having a hard time. i hope things get better for you!


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