r&r: the beauty in the breakdown

remember a few months ago when I was out of my mind with job searching and boredom and all i wanted was to get out of my apartment? there have been a few times in the last few weeks when i wanted that restlessness back. rest hasn’t exactly been a priority for me the last few weeks. I’ve been working two jobs, facing a lot of 14+ hour days, and filling my weekends to the brim with visiting friends and family. by day, i was training to be a marketing assistant at a newspaper, a mentally draining job. by night, i was a counselor to more than 20 kids, an emotionally draining job. on top of it all, i would be so wired when i got home after midnight that it’d take a while to fall asleep and to get back up at 7:30 to do it all again.

there was beauty in the rush, of course. i’ve been making more than $100 each work day, which is way more than the $0 i was making per day earlier this summer. i saw prescott for a weekend in asheville, which was SO much fun. me and pres

i spent part of the 4th of july with my family and the other part with prescott and his camp friends. one of my college roommates is getting married in three weeks, so i drove two and a half hours yesterday to go to her lingerie shower and get dessert at kaminsky’s with friends in downtown columbia, sc. it was really refreshing to catch up with old friends; i found that my friend meg has been experiencing the same postgrad depression that i have. it makes it kind of easier to deal with every time one of my friends from college admits that life after graduation is really tough. being so busy has distracted me from missing my boyfriend and from feeling inadequate in the real world after graduation.

at the end of this week, my counseling job ended and consequently i got a nasty cold that has been kicking my butt. it’s forcing me to rest; when i got home from the lingerie shower today, i immediately took a hot bath with LOADS of coconut oil and started rereading a favorite book of mine (the sky is everywhere, for the curious). i think i’m going to finally be balanced starting this week. i’m seeing the value in rest and alone time today.


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