in praise of

“the great revelation perhaps never did come. instead there were little daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark.”
–virginia woolf, To the Lighthouse


listen to me lift my voice.

in praise of early summer mornings when it’s still cool and i shiver as i step out of the shower. in praise of the new facial cleanser i use in the morning that smells like a week of running around in pine needles with niñas. of the coffee i drink while i sit cross-legged on the floor while i dry my hair, oh, praise. of the devotions i read before work that remind me to look for peace and goodness in people.

in praise of fresh oranges, of quinoa. of piña coladas and chicken wings.

in praise of the peace that comes with not worrying about jobs every minute of the day. of a direct deposit i forgot was coming. of money put in savings for a future. in praise of bosses who asked me to work full time for a few weeks right when i needed it.

in praise of friends, of a friend who sat with me while i cried on our big yellow couch and acted like an idiot with me in the grocery store. of lightning storms on our apartment balcony. of writing in our journals together. in praise of a friend who floated on her back with me in the ocean while we held onto each others’ ankles. of someone who loves the words like me. in praise of coffee dates and pool dates and dinner dates and movie dates. in praise of the friends who get it. in praise a friend who is more than a friend, my favorite guy in the whole world. in praise of my him coming home in two weeks after being gone for fifteen weeks, oh i’ll sing for that. of long phone calls with him catching up with the day to day. of being silly with each other from hours away. in praise of “i miss you.”

in praise of words that feel fluid for the first time in months, warm in my mouth. of my late grandfather who taught me to love those words in the first place. of a godly woman who spoke truth right into my life a few weeks ago. of hebrew and greek. of the moon.


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