Better Things Are Coming


better things are coming
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My plan is to blog on Sundays because Sunday afternoons are get-yourself-together times for me. I do laundry, prepare food for the week, and create my weekly planner in my journal. But I need to post a little something today, on the last day of June.

A few years ago, it rained every single day of June. That June will always stick out to me because everyone felt stuck. I was forced to stay home because the creek rose over our driveway, the only way off of our land (unless you’re travelling by dirt bike, if you want to get technical). This June is going to stick out to me like that rainy June because this June has been messy. My best friend and I broke up 36 hours before I traveled to Barcelona, Spain, where I had to process the emotions in a foreign country. Changing antidepressants has left me feeling poisoned and sick a lot of the time. My car was wrecked. My apartment was nearly unlivable due to secondhand smoke. I decided to move in with my parents. My depression deepened into unfathomable depths I’d never experienced before. This whole month, I’ve felt like I was looking at the world from the bottom of a deep hole.

July is a fresh start, though. I’m looking forward to time in the mountains and being in two(!) book clubs and meeting with friends and mentors. I’m going to listen to podcasts and read and keep working really hard on my mental health. I’m gonna pet lots of dogs this month, I can just feel it in my bones. Better things are coming! 


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