Podcast Review: Call Your Girlfriend

I drive at least 2 hours a day because I commute for work, and one of my favorite parts of my drive is listening to podcasts. So, I’m going to do a miniseries on podcast reviews! I’m starting with the podcast that started it all: Call Your Girlfriend, the podcast for long-distance besties everywhere.

The premise: two besties call each other once a week and chat about politics, culture, and everything else best friends talk about. They answer listener questions about life, love, and womanhood. They’re also the inventors of Shine Theory, which is reason enough to listen! Just listening to how successful and hardworking they are makes me want to live my best life!

Aminatou Sow is my inspo for self care. She is a big believer in treating herself to luxurious candles and massages. She’s a girl boss in the tech industry, which is awesome! Ann Friedman is a journalist, and she’s always recommending awesome articles. This podcast keeps me up-to-date on everything! 



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