Oregano. Basil. Rosemary. 

Do you ever have weeks of your life that you feel like you’ll always remember? Not whole seasons, just a handful of days with so much packed in that they’ll be burned indelibly into your memory.

This is the good stuff. The in-between. I’ll always remember these weeks of eating grapes and muffins for every other meal. Singing 00s hits on the eve of my friend’s wedding. The dog days of summer. Quitting my job and interviewing for jobs I actually want. Job offers on the way to the beach. Pictures in front of an old window, feeling like a badass. Flirting with strangers. Dreaming of the Grand Tetons. Weeping in the best ways. Helping my childhood best friend shop for her wedding dress. Bouquets of flowers in clear vases. Pasta dinners and fresh bread broken with friends. Mixing herbs in a blue bowl. Oregano. Basil. Rosemary.

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